Heavy Maintenance

Special Maintenance

Completed Heavy Maintenance Projects

CR 388: City of South Haven to 62nd Avenue - Milled and Repaved

71.5 Street Bridge: 2nd Avenue to CR 388 - Preventative Maintenance

64th Street: CR 380 to 16th Avenue - Culvert Replacement

22nd Avenue: 68th Street and 69th Street - Milled and Repaved

CR 380: CR 681 to Village of Breedsville - Repaved

Silver Lake Road: 51.5 Street and 52.5 Street - Culvert Replacement

CR 388: Grand Junction to CR 384 - Milled and Repaved

5th Avenue Bridge: 22nd Street to 23.5 Street - Preventative Maintenance

27th Street: 44th Avenue to 48th Avenue - Culvert Replacement

28th Avenue: M-140 and 72nd Street - Culvert Replacement

34th Avenue and West Street - Culvert Replacement

Red Arrow Highway: Village of Paw Paw to CR 657 - Milled and Repaved

CR 653: I-94 to Red Arrow Highway - Milled and Repaved

62nd Avenue: M-40 to CR 657 - Repaved

Valley View Subdivision: Antwerp Township - Milled, Graded, Repaved

CR 653 Bridge: 56th Avenue to M-40 - Preventative Maintenance

CR 690: Crooked Lake Boat Launch - Drainage Improvements

CR 380: Breedsville Village Limit to Bloomingdale Township Line - Trenching, Drainage, Stump Removal

Completed Special Maintenance Projects

County-wide: Sealcoat

County-wide: Fog Seal

County-wide: Tree Trimming and Removal


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