Dust is a problem!  Dust can carry several hundred feet into nearby homes, cover nearby crops, and cause human allergies.  Just as important a problem is the degeneration of the road service.  When the fine material (dust) is lost, the load-bearing aggregate will soon follow. Loss of fines and aggregate results in ruts, potholes, and washboards that require costly spot repairs and frequent blading to keep the road in acceptable condition.

The Van Buren County Road Commission works together with its Township Partners to stabilize county gravel roads through the application of liquid dust control during the spring/summer months.

The following applications of liquid dust layer are tentatively scheduled in the following Townships, pending weather, and pending any possible alternative direction by each respective Township.  For more specific information, please contact the Road Commission directly at 269-674-8011, or via email at vbcrc@vbcrc.org


Township Residents may contact their Township Offices directly to request Bag Chloride.  If the Township authorizes (through a signed Authorization given to the resident), the resident should bring the Authorization to the Road Commission's Administrative Offices, 325 W. James Street, Lawrence during hours of operation to pick up the Bag Chloride which is then hand or machine sewn over the area to control dust.