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Completed Heavy Maintenance Projects

46th Street: 72nd Avenue to 64th Avenue - Clearing and Restoration

30th Street: M-43 to CR 653 - Tree Trimming and Removal

70th Street: 2nd Avenue to Black River Bridge - Clearing and Drainage Corrections

66th Street: M-43 to CR 380 - Crosspipe Replacement

CR 352: CR 687 to 60th Street - Tree Trimming and Removals

CR 689: CR 388 to 8th Avenue - Tree Trimming and Removals

CR 388: 29th Street to CR 653 S - Tree Removals


Burgess Road: 82nd Avenue to 38th Street - Top Course Pave

CR 380: Columbia Township Line to CR 665 - Top Course Pave

26th Street: CR 358 to 66th Avenue - Tree Trimming and Asphalt Overlay

CR 352: CR 687 to 60th Street - Widening and Trenching

CR 687: 90th Avenue to CR 342 - Trench, Widen, Crush, Shape, Base Pave

26th Street: Red Arrow Highway to Village of Mattawan - Crush, Shape, Pave

Red Arrow Highway: Village of Lawrence to CR 671 S - Mill and Pave

30th Street: M-43 to CR 653 - Drainage Improvements, Crush, Shape, Trench, Widen, Pave

26th Street: 66th Avenue to 63rd Avenue - Tree Removals, Wedge Paving, Sealcoat, Fog Seal, Pavement Markings

30th Avenue: Between 76th Street and 77.5 Street - Culvert Replacement 

Autumn Vineyards Subdivision - Curb, Gutter, Mill, and Pave

16th Avenue: 60th Street to 62nd Street - Final Grading, Shaping, Leveling Pave, Top Pave

80th Avenue: M-40 to 29th Street - Drainage Improvements, Shape, Trench, Widen, Pave

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