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Road work and projects

The Van Buren County Road Commission's budget provides for the routine repairs and maintenance of certified roads within its jurisdiction. The Board of County Road Commissioners works to fund additional special and heavy maintenance projects as funds allow. The Townships within Van Buren County partner to assist in funding additional projects beyond what the Road Commission's budget can provide.

What is routine maintenance?

Routine maintenance, within limitations, includes a variety of work such as:

  • Snow plowing and ice control

  • Gravel road grading/blading

  • Asphalt patching

  • Shoulder maintenance

  • Traffic signs and signals, including pavement marking

  • Roadside mowing and brush control

  • Road culvert maintenance

What is Special maintenance?

Special maintenance, intended to preserve the road, includes a variety of work such as:

  • Gravel resurfacing

  • Sealcoat, Fog Seal, and Crackseal

  • De-berming

  • Dust Control

  • Boom and Extra-width Mowing

  • Brush and Tree Trimming, Including Brush Spray

What is Heavy maintenance?

Heavy maintenance, intended to improve the road, includes a variety of work such as:

  • Hot mix asphalt overlay

  • Mill and overlay

  • Total reconstruction

  • Paving a gravel road

  • Bridge repair and reconstruction

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