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Road Construction, Surveying, Traffic Crash Investigation, Traffic Data Collection (Traffic Counts, Crash Data, Speed Studies), Traffic Control Devices & Signing, Materials Testing, Major Projects Inspection (Water, Sewer, Construction), and Road Development are handled through the Road Commission's Engineering Department. 

Engineering Department

Barry Anttila, Highway Engineer, Joel Hoort, Engineering Technician, David Clift, Engineering Technician, and David Mills, Engineering Technician, perform services such as:

  • Preparing estimates for all road paving and grade projects.

  • Assisting in design and construction for all major projects.

  • Managing public contact and serving as a liaison for all projects. 

  • Overseeing the Van Buren County road certification process.

  • Assisting in the subdivision and plat certification process.

  • Materials quality assurance testing.

  • Traffic control devices.

  • Construction inspecting for county bridge projects.  

Highway Engineer

Barry Anttila, Highway Engineer, performs functions at the Road Commission such as:

  • Oversees all State and Federal Aid projects

  • Is in charge of roadway design for the Road Commission

  • Manages the Development Review Process

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