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Please follow the instructions set forth in the Permit Application. If there are any questions or concerns, you may contact our office at (269) 674-8011.

A driveway is the resident's access point to their property and proper maintenance is important for keeping the driveway and right-of-way in good condition. 

Driveway permits are the property owner's responsibility to obtain before installation or replacement occurs. 


When is a driveway permit needed?

  • If you are installing a new driveway

  • If you are paving or installing concrete on an existing driveway

  • If you are removing asphalt or concrete

  • If you are widening your driveway

  • If you are installing a low use (agricultural or utility) driveway

  • For a temporary driveway

  • If you are applying for a building permit

  • If the use of the land served by the driveway is changed or expanded

When is a driveway permit not needed?

  • If you are adding a layer of gravel to an existing gravel driveway

  • If you are seal coating an existing asphalt driveway (contractor performing seal coating operations in the county's right-of-way are required to have permit and insurance on file at the VBCRC)

  • General maintenance not involving resurfacing of existing driveway

Installing your own driveway and/or driveway culvert:

You must agree to accept responsibility for any claims, lawsuits, etc. that occur as a result of your driveway installation and/or driveway culvert installation.  A "Hold Harmless Agreement" must be signed by the Permit Holder in this regard prior to the issuance of a driveway permit.

Ag Farm-Field, Utility, or Parcel Access Driveway

Use the “Residential or Other Than Commercial DW Application and Permit”. $25.00 fee for non-residential access drives.

Driveway Culvert Price Schedule

The Board of County Road Commissioners of Van Buren County has adopted a price schedule for furnished and installed driveway culverts, culverts delivered to site, and culverts picked up and loaded at the Van Buren County Road Commission.  Please click on the link below for the current Driveway Culvert Price Schedule:

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