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Sealcoat, Fog Seal, & De-berming

Sealcoat and Fog Seal Only

Fog Seal Only

Sealcoat, Fog Seal, & De-berming Operations

*Daily updates regarding sealcoat and Fog Seal are posted on our SOCIAL MEDIA pages.

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None at this time.


26th Street; CR 358 to Township Line

62nd Avenue; CR 657 to M-40

66th Avenue; Van Kal to CR 652

30th Street; Red Arrow Highway to N Township Line

29.5 Street; Red Arrow Highway North to End

23rd Street; Mattawan Village Limits to Red Arrow Highway

24th Street; Red Arrow Highway to Township Line

27th Street; Red Arrow Highway to Township Line

Woodhenge Subdivision

Hickory Point Subdivision

Sunset Estates Subdivision (Township Portion Only)


CR 673; M-43 to 52nd Street

CR 681; City of Bangor to 24th Avenue


None at this time. 


CR 665; Baseline Road to Village of Bloomingdale

CR 665; Village of Bloomingdale to 24th Avenue


CR 681; 24th Avenue to CR 388

46.5 Street; CR 384 to 14th Avenue

14th Avenue; 46.5 Street to 47th Street

47th Street; 14th Avenue to 24th Avenue

56th Street; CR 388 to CR 384

57th Street; Baseline Road to 4th Avenue

4th Avenue; 57th Street to CR 681

14th Avenue; 56th Street to CR 215

51.5 Street; Baseline Road to CR 388


28th Avenue; M-140 to 77.5 Street

29th Avenue; Blue Star Highway to East End

76th Street; 28th Avenue to CR 376

72nd Street; 36th Avenue to 48th Avenue


Burgess Road; Village of Decatur to 76th Avenue

39th Street; 72nd Avenue to 82nd Avenue


16th Avenue: CR 681 to 64th Street

16th Avenue: 68th Street to M-43

67th Street: 16th Avenue to CR 380

60th Street: CR 388 to 16th Avenue


Territorial Road; CR 215 to 51st Street

Territorial Road; End of Pavement to 50th Street

50th Street; Territorial Road to CR 352


67.5 Street: CR 372 to Bridge

62nd Avenue: CR 687 to 60th Street

60th Street: 62nd Avenue to 64th Avenue

56th Avenue: County Line to Dead End - FOG SEAL ONLY

60th Street: 61st Ave to RAH- FOG SEAL ONLY

60th Street: 54th Ave to 52nd Ave- FOG SEAL ONLY

62nd Street: 61st Ave to RAH- FOG SEAL ONLY

63rd Street: 62nd Ave to 66th Ave- FOG SEAL ONLY

67th Avenue: 60th St to CR 681- FOG SEAL ONLY

Chancellor Ave- FOG SEAL ONLY

Ellenbrough Ave- FOG SEAL ONLY

Lyttleton Ave- FOG SEAL ONLY

Blackstone Ave- FOG SEAL ONLY


N County Line Rd (70th Street): Red Arrow Highway to 56th Ave- FOG SEAL ONLY

N County Line Rd (70th Street): 56th Ave to Rush Lake Rd- FOG SEAL ONLY

64th Avenue: 60th St to CR 681- FOG SEAL ONLY

Prospect Street: Pinery Rd to Hartford City Limits- FOG SEAL ONLY


95th Avenue; CR 690 to M-152

Wildwood Drive; 95th Avenue to End

Fairview Avenue; M-152 to End

Pitcher Acres 1 Subdivision 

Woodlawn Addition Subdivision

62nd Street/Magician Lake Road; CR 687 to Cass County

Geer Drive; 62nd Street to Magician Lake Road

Shagway Drive/Gilmore Beach Road/Gilmore Avenue; 62nd Street to Cass County


CR 673; Village of Lawrence to 48th Avenue

Red Arrow Highway; Village of Lawrence to Paw Paw Township

Paw Paw

Red Arrow Highway; Lawrence Township to CR 671 S

38th Street; 52nd Avenue to End

56th Avenue; 41st Street to 44th Street

41.5 Street; CR 358 to Paw Paw Road

39th Street; 67th Avenue to Decatur Township Line

67th Avenue; 40th Street to 39th Street

60th Avenue; CR 665 to Paw Paw Road

Fairway Drive; Red Arrow Highway to 56th Avenue

51st Avenue; CR 665 to Village of Paw Paw Limits

Pine Grove

32nd Street; M-40 to City of Gobles

32nd Street; CR 388 to Paulson Road

Paulson Road; 32nd Street to Wise Road

31st Street; Paulson Road to Township Line

Wise Road; Paulson Road to Township Line


28th Street: 72nd Avenue to CR 354

28th Street: CR 352 to Shaw Road

26th Street: 72nd Avenue to CR 354

88th Avenue: M-40 to Township Line

Shaw Road: M-40 to Township Line

South Haven

2nd Avenue: Geneva Township to 71.5 Street

6th Avenue: 73rd Street to End

12th Avenue: M-140 East to End

13th Avenue: Roper Road to End

14th Avenue: M-140 to 76th Street

15th Avenue: M-140 East to End

18th Avenue: 77th Street to End

76th Street: 24th Avenue to CR 380

76th Street: 14th Avenue to End 

77th Street: 14th Avenue to Blue Star Highway

8th Avenue: CR 689 to Geneva Township

20th Avenue: Pine Street to Ruggles Road

76th Street/J R Monroe Blvd: Evergreen Bluff to 13th Avenue

6th Avenue/South Haven Place: Cherry Street to 73rd Street


Oxford Estates Subdivision

28th Avenue: 37th Street to 44th Street

44th Street: 24th Avenue to 34th Avenue

34th Avenue: 44th Street to CR 665

Waukeenah Drive: CR 665 to End

Bellware Subdivision - FOG SEAL ONLY

Latest Update: 05/06/2024

Paw Paw
Pine Grove
South Haven
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