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To promote public safety in the use of county highways, the Board of County Road Commissioners of Van Buren County encourages all organizers of special events to provide the Board with the time, place, and routes of the events, regardless of whether a permit is required by these Rules.

This Permit is required for a parade, banner, or special event pursuant to Public Act 200 of 1969, Driveways, Banners, Events and Parades, as amended and codified at MCL 247.321, et seq.  The Board of County Road Commissioners of Van Buren County (the “Board”), defines a “Parade” for purposes of the Act as: “An organized special event involving a procession, assembly or congregation of people or things which, by its nature, will unduly interfere with the safe and free movement of traffic within a county highway right-of-way by making it impractical or impossible for the participants to comply with the Michigan Vehicle Code”. 


Road Commission Engineering Staff will make a determination using their professional experience and judgment, whether a proposed event or activity constitutes a “Parade” for purposes of the Act.

NOTE: A permit to temporarily close a highway, or portion of a highway, for a parade, celebration, festival, or similar activity, or a permit for banners, decorations or similar objects to overhang the traveled way of a highway, may be issued only if requested by an authorized official designated by resolution of the governing body of a city, incorporated village, or township.  MCL 247.323 

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