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Transportation / MOVING PERMITS

You must obtain a moving permit to move mobile homes, over-length, over-width, and over-weight structures and/or vehicles within a county road right-of-way. 

Completed Permit Applications including the Certificate of Insurance with required automobile coverage and appropriate permit fees can be:

  • Filed online with the Oxcart Permit System*

  • Mailed to 325 West James Street, P.O. Box 156, Lawrence, MI 49064

  • Emailed to

  • Or dropped off at the VBCRC office at 325 West James Street, Lawrence, MI. An after-hours drop box is available. 

*To obtain your permit by use of a credit card, please utilize the online permit system with Oxcart. Nominal convenience fees will be automatically added to your payment for use of the Oxcart Permitting System and for a credit card fee.

The Van Buren County Road Commission recommends Oxcart's online permitting system for moving permits and logs. 

Oxcart Permit Systems charges a convenience fee, tiered at cost of the permit, as well as an additional 3% credit card processing fee. ​

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