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Who plows my road?

Van Buren County has several different agencies that maintain roads. MDOT maintains all roads designated with an M, I, or US. Cities and Villages maintain the roads within their boundaries, and the VBCRC maintains all certified streets, avenues, roads designated with a CR, Red Arrow Highway, and Blue Star Highway. For more details on jurisdictions, click the button below. ​

Why are VBCRC trucks driving by with blades up?

There are a few possible reasons:

1. VBCRC is not in their jurisdiction and drivers are moving to their route in the most efficient way possible. 

2. The driver may not be on their route and are on the way to the roads they are responsible for.

3. The road may have been treated with ice control materials and dropping a plow blade will remove the materials before they have the opportunity to work.



What is the priority of the road system?
Why has my road not been plowed?

VBCRC focuses on the Primary road network first, before moving to the Local road system, and finally moving to the subdivisions. By clearing main roads first, this allows the main arterial roads to be cleared first and move the most amount of traffic. Emergency plowing operations will be utilized based on each snow event being treated as an individual occurrence due to the unique nature of winter weather we receive here in SW Michigan. For more information on VBCRC's snow plowing policy, click the button below. 

How do I keep plow trucks from pushing snow into my driveway? What is the best way to clear my driveway?

VBCRC works to maintain over 1,300 miles of roads each day during snow events. If trucks were to lift the blade at each driveway, the snow would instead by left in the road impeding the traveling public and causing a safety hazard. To avoid the "Second Shovel", clear an area directly before your driveway for the bulk of snow to be deposited into by the blade. Snow will follow the path of least resistance off the plow, emptying into the cleared area before your driveway. See the below buttons for graphics explaining the best practices to clear your driveway.



How do I report mailbox or yard damage?

In the course of snow removal, mailboxes are sometimes knocked down by Road Commission trucks. VBCRC's mailbox policy is to replace mailboxes that have been physically struck by the snow plow; however, if the mailbox or wooden post was broken off by the force of the snow coming off the plow blade, we do not replace or repair it. The VBCRC will investigate your mailbox damage and will let you know the determination. In the mean time, please contact your local post office to hold your mail until a determination can be made. Yards may also be damaged by wing plows to ensure the road maintains width for vehicles to safely travel the road. Reported yard damage will be investigated in the Spring following the snow melt. To report mailbox or yard damage, call our office at 269-674-8011 or report directly to SeeClickFix here.

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