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The Why of Vegetation Maintenance

The Van Buren County Road Commission partners with Townships, the Van Buren Conservation District, and contractors to maintain the county road right-of-way with mowing, brush spraying, and invasive species identification and removal. Management of roadside and guardrail vegetation through spraying and mowing maintains sight distance for the traveling public utilizing roads in Van Buren County as well as preserving the roadway by maintaining proper drainage and preventing invasive species from growing through the gravel or asphalt surface. Identification and control of these invasive species is imperative to not only the integrity of the roads but the local area environment as well.

Roadside Mowing

The Van Buren County Road Commission contracts roadside mowing in its jurisdiction. Roadside mowing is completed across the county twice a year, approximately in mid to late July and in September depending on weather, growing conditions, and contractor availability. All Primary roads are completed twice a year utilizing a 15' "batwing" mower and all Local roads are completed once a year utilizing a 15' "batwing" mower and once a year utilizing a 9' "flail" mower. 

Blue Star Highway roadside mowing is completed by Compton Inc. and is scheduled to occur before Memorial Day weekend, before the 4th of July holiday, before the 2nd week in August, and before Labor Day weekend.

Additional extra-width mowing is completed by VBCRC crews focusing on clear vision areas at curves and intersections, as needed and as funding is available.

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Guardrail and Roadside Brush Spray

The Van Buren County Road Commission has contracted Right Way Control to perform guardrail and roadside chemical vegetation management services throughout the county. 

For program administration and operational information, you may contact the Van Buren County Road Commission at 269-674-8011 ext. 236, or via email at

Opt-Out:  To opt-out of roadside brush spray operations, the property owner must complete the Application Form for No Treatment Zone each year. Application Forms must be received in the Road Commission office no later than August 15th.  In order to opt-out of Brush Spraying, you must agree to maintain your property by mowing a minimum of 12' from the road edge, and 15' above the road surface.

Invasive Species

Invasive Species (phragmites and Japanese knotweed) will be identified and mapped throughout the spring and summer months. The Van Buren County Road Commission is working together with the Van Buren Conservation District to identify and control invasive species in the county road right-of-way.

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